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New-Radical Thinker

Phew... What a hubristic moniker!

But as an attention grabber it certainly worked, as the thousands who have connected to it must attest (well that's marketing for you, or perhaps it is the starting point for complex-strategy, as I demonstrate and justify why New-Radical Management is... pretty radical).

New-Radical is the brand for the concept of re-looking at the foundation axioms of societal theories, because just a cursory look, with our new non-linear spectacles perched firmly on our noses, will inform us that we have deceived ourselves. If we can rectify that problem, an infinity of new opportunities will become available to us.

(I shared the spectacles metaphor in some early posts).

Management... Rolls off the forked-tongue of the closed system thinker (sic) because classical management is a closed system construct at the heart of a closed system theory.

Businesses, economies, polities, are all open system realities that we try to manage.

But applying a closed system theory to an open system reality is a project that must fail.

You can earn your new pair of spectacles and unleash the infinity of new possibilities when you read New-Radical Management.

Available July 1st from

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