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Management, Kant, Einstein and Glasses

Kant's transcendental argument is a claim that some things must be necessary to understand the world.

The Transcendental Aesthetic was about space and time.

Einstein's General Theory of Relativity was about space-time.

I wonder what spectacles they were wearing?

Bertrand Russell used blue spectacles to provide a metaphor to help understand Kant. The concept is that if you are wearing blue spectacles you must see everything as a shade of blue.

What spectacles are you wearing?

In New-Radical Management I will help you build a new pair of spectacles that will allow you to see the world through non-linear lenses.

Forget fiddle-de-dee, fiddling at the periphery as Rome burns, and open your world to an infinity of new possibilities.

My book New-Radical Management will be on the website late next week.

The book is filled with real-world methods to apply open systems thinking to management practice, but it rejects much of current management thinking.

But it is radical, and it is logical and consistent and I have to justify why I think society has got it all so badly wrong.

If we are serious we have to limit the tweets and the twoads and the one-pagers.

You can't get complicated ideas over with simple language in 140 characters.

Have a look at and New-Radical Management will be available next week.

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