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Face Book - I Told You So

Why o why? For the last decade I have been telling anyone who would listen that Face Book was a disaster waiting to happen.

I have never had a Face Book account, and because of that I have never been able to look at a Face Book page. I have no idea what Face Book really offers or promises, although I have my suspicions.

Why would you make your whole private life public?

Why would you trust a profit driven organization to store the details of your whole life?

What made you think that your private page was private?

What made you think that privacy laws would actually protect you?.

Don't be a cynic, but you need to constantly ask a lot of deep and rich questions, and I can help you to accomplish that.

My own online presence is minimal, and yet you will find pictures of me, some of which I had no real idea were in the public domain, but somehow I provided them.

And now the realities of what I have been trying to suggest are manifest.

An academic asks you to take a quiz. But inside the quiz is a nasty little worm that is going to take all your details and all the details of all the people you are connected to. Perhaps 50 million people, we will never know.

Everything you have posted may now be in the hands of someone you don't know, who was prepared to pay for it.

This sounds like an Alex Jones conspiracy theory, but it is a conspiracy that Robert Mueller is now very interested in.

The Zucchini Mountain is a very small character who features in my books. There are lots more like him, and you can find them all and laugh, and also a whole lot of pretty deep philosophy that you will have to work for, in New Radical Management and the New-Radical Thinking series.

Available only from this web site as I don't want to pay Jeff Bezos. He has way-too much now!

Be a New-Radical at

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