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As I sit here at my desk, I have a lovely view of the garden. It has been very wet this summer and everything is green. The dusty dry brown of sun-burnt grass is nowhere to be seen. It is dawn and raining and the chorus is about to begin. All is quiet inside the house, no one else will be up-and-about so early on this Good Friday morning. The perfect time for reflection irrespective of one’s personal faith.

The tranquillity is an illusion. We are heading for the next apotheosis; the system is under pressure and it will shortly self-adapt, there will be a new phase transition. How long to wait? I have no idea, fifty years, one hundred…

Within that time period, almost certainly within the life-span of the grandchildren of our own power elites there will be a juxtaposition of: population growth, resource depletion and climate change. If the most powerful country in the world elects another Child-God-Emperor to the seat of power, we will have catastrophe.

Everywhere around the world the power elites call for growth and yet more growth. Accelerated growth, we must head to the apotheosis much faster. We can sustain none of our current behaviours. The power elites will doom us all, there will be no safe space, even for the grandchildren of the super-rich.

The isomorphic law of systems informs us that the theory of classical economics must be wrong. The Complex Adapting System which is the economy will not optimally allocate the world’s resources. Reducing the real open system economy to a closed equilibrium system approximation is a deception imposed by the power elites, who continue to unsustainably plunder the bounty of the earth, while many suffer and many starve.

First, we must re-think management, because management is the tool we use to well… manage everything. Then we must reject classical equilibrium economics and develop an open system theory of resource requirement and allocation with no need for constant growth, and we can find it, but only if we look. And finally, we must re-order society. Reject the closed system adversarial duopoly of the houses of government and the legal system and develop an open system theory that will deliver justice for all not the law for some.

Closed system theories applied to open system realities will doom us all.

In the New-Radical series I will provide a new set of justified axioms from which we can logically build our new theories. I will ask many deep and rich questions and provide some possible solutions, especially in New-Radical Management. We will have to teach the economists and the politicians that they have it wrong, or the human project will fail, so strap in for the ride.

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